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Happenings 12 November 23

I am always fascinated by the indefinable thing that exists between parents and children. Not all of us have children, but all of us have parents, and most of us, I’m guessing, can relate to the idea of an invisible string that connects us to our parents or children. Some people, of course, turn their back on their parents  … or vice versa … but this turning costs us something because of the significance of this relationship. There is a weight to it.

In a very real way, even biologically speaking, our parents are in us and we are in our children.

This Sunday we will be hosting our kindergarten children and their whanau, and while most people will be watching the children on stage, my attention often strays to the faces of the parents. Their eyes are wide, their lips are parted with a small smile, they are mentally urging on their little ones from a distance, and it is almost like there is not another person in the room as they look at their sprog singing, dancing, crying or missing their cues.

God invented human families to be a reflection of something deeper – the relationship we were always meant to have with God the Father. If parents are in their children, it is even more true that God’s intention was that we live indwelt by him. And of course, as we come to Christmas, we celebrate the fact that God the Father was fully and in the most profound way in this little child in the manger.

So, if you come along to our kindergarten service this Sunday, at some point take a look at the faces of the parents and see a small reflection of the way that God looks at you.

In Him,