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Happenings 12 November 23

‘Give us this day …’ Jesus tells us to pray for the needs we will have in each day … when the day comes. ‘Don’t worry about tomorrow,’ he says. ‘I want you to see God’s mercies in this day. Trust me for tomorrow, but enjoy and live in the now.’ If you are anything like me, though, you will be wanting to ensure everything is sorted for the future, and as a result, joy in the present is robbed. However, theologian and pastor, John Piper, gives this encouragement:

Part of saving faith is the assurance that you will have faith tomorrow. Trusting Christ today includes trusting him to give you tomorrow’s trust when tomorrow comes. Often we feel today like our reservoir of strength is not going to last for another day. The fact is, it won’t. Today’s resources are for today, and part of those resources is the confidence that new resources will be given tomorrow.
The basis of this assurance is the wonderful teaching of the Bible that God assigns only as much trouble to each day as that day can bear. God will not let his children be tested in any given day beyond what his mercy for that day will sustain.     (John Piper, ‘A Godward Life’)

Are you worried today about all the tomorrows? As we pray ‘Give us this day’, perhaps also pray that God will give you trust that he will also answer this prayer tomorrow … and the day after that …

In Him,