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Just thinking…

One of my favourite films of all time is James Cameron’s Avatar. The themes of this movie parallel numerous historical events which I find compelling. For example, it is distressing how the brutality of the humans to the Na’vi people connect to the displacement of indigenous people and colonisation that occurs in our world. In Avatar, the humans are driven by a desire for the resources which can be found on Pandora, a planet in a far-off galaxy. They will do anything to get these resources because of their potential economic benefits. However, what they can’t see is how the Na’vi tribes of Pandora are linked to their planet through the belief that every living thing is connected. If you destroy part of the system, the rest will fall apart. The film reveals the conflict that can occur between differing worldviews. I feel that this is an issue that we as Christians can be confronted with. When the rest of the world sees God as a character not worth acknowledging, it can be easy to get trapped in that ideology too. But God wants us to see him for what he really is. Merciful, powerful, righteous, holy and just. God is totally faithful to us and gives us the knowledge that we will never be alone. Our connection with Him is like the Na’vi people to their world. We aren’t meant to live apart from Him. So, I pray that this week God will open our eyes to see the way He wants us to see Him. As all powerful, holy, loving and as the one who paid the ultimate price for us.

Ellen Reid

This Sunday 28 April…

"I once was blind but now I see." These are hard words to hear. While beautiful, they challenge each one of us to look beyond. And if we look closely enough, the same challenge is addressed in one of the funniest passages in the bible (2 Kings 6:8-23). Join us as we hear from our guest speaker, Elisha Hartley.

Prayer Service

Next Sunday 5 May at 7pm in the church. Come along to pray with us.

Kids Programs This Sunday

This Sunday many of our kids are at eCamp and Easter Camp! Kids at church will stay in the service as it is Easter Sunday.

mainly music

mainly music for young children Will begin again for Term 2 on Tuesday 30 April at 10am in the church lounge. Newcomers are welcome.

Men’s Breakfast

CHANGE OF DATE: Saturday 11 May from 8am. Our Speaker will be Don Caradus, speaking on his long and very successful career in commerce as a Christian man. Share a cooked breakfast, coordinated by chef supremo Lindsay M. We'd love to see you there. Please consider inviting a friend.

Parenting Place Seminar

Parenting styles, personality types and the five love languages
with Joy Sluiters. Helping you understand your child’s personality and how to adjust your parenting to suit. This presentation will offer insights into parenting styles and how to use the ‘five love languages’ to best love your children.
Saturday, 25 May at Remuera Baptist Church, 641 Remuera Road, Remuera.
For more information and how to book, click here.

All Age Evening Service

We have started an all-age monthly evening church service on the last Sunday of each month in the church lounge. The next one will be held on Sunday 28th April! The theme will be Friendship Skills. Come along as we worship our Lord!
Other dates for 2019 are: Sunday 28 April, Sunday 26 May, Sunday 30 June, Sunday 28 July, Sunday 25 August, Sunday 29 September, Sunday 20 October, Sunday 24 November

Church Cleaning

We will be having a church cleaning day on Saturday 4 May in the morning. More hands make light work so we'll see you there!

Youth Group!

We have also started a monthly social night for our kids and youth. Please let anyone know who may be interested. Dates for 2019 are:
Friday 17 May, Friday 14 June, Friday 19 July, Friday 16 August, Friday 13 September, Friday 11 October, Friday 8 November, Friday 13 December.

Home Groups

Wednesday Night Home Group
Home Group at the home of Paul and Ruth Ungemuth every second and fourth Wednesday at 7:30pm. Each week we share in supper, do a bible study and pray for each other. Will begin on Wednesday 13 February. Contact the office for more information.

Wednesday Morning Home Group
Home Group at the home of Joy Galt on the third Wednesday of the month at 10am. After morning tea we do a bible study and pray together. Contact the office for more information.

Sunday Afternoon Home Group
Home Group run by David and Heather Reid every second Sunday after the service at the Reid's home. We have a shared lunch which is then followed by a time of prayer and doing a bible study. Contact the office for more information.

Young Adults Home Group
Every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm. Please email the church to be added to the Facebook page, and check Facebook for updates of what we have going on. We'd love for you to join us!

Don't forget to keep your diaries updated with what's going on in the church!