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Just Thinking…

Memory is a funny thing … and still somewhat of a mystery. Memory happens when the connection between some of the 100 billion neurons in our brains get adjusted. Each memory tweaks a tiny subset of the neurons in the brain (the human brain has 100 billion of them!), changing the way they communicate. You can picture these neurons being like the Auckland Port separated by the Waitemata Harbour from Devonport. Neurons send chemical messages to each other across a gap much like cargo freight could be moved across the Harbour from the Port to Devonport. Long term memories happen when the ‘port’ gets expanded and the shipping happens far more efficiently. In short, memories actually change us … literally … at the level of our brain structure. It could be said, then, that what we choose to remember becomes really important, as we are changed by the choosing! The Bible gives us some advice here – some things should be forgotten; some things should be jealously remembered. But which is which? This Sunday we find out!
In Him, 

Trick-or-Treat Drop-In

The Trick-or-Treat Drop-In is the RBC light party held on 31 October each year. Save the date so you can get dressed up and come along to enjoy our sensory Dark Treasure Hunt, bouncy castle, games, face-painting, the odd sizzled sausage or two, and loads more fun!

Kids Programs This Sunday

There will be no kids programmes running this Sunday as it is the school holidays. However, there will be worksheet activities available at the back of the church.


Alpha is a video and discussion-based group for those wishing to explore the basics of the Christian faith. Do you have anyone you could ask to attend? There will be brochures available this Sunday to give out to friends. Register with Murray on 095242524 

Prayer Service

This Sunday evening at 7pm in the church. Come along to pray together.

mainly music has finished for term 3 and will resume on Tuesday 16 October, 10am in the church.

Men’s Breakfast

Saturday 6 October at 8am. Our speaker will be Geoff Tremain from Barnabas Fund.  Geoff will be speaking on the growing persecution of Christians around the world, the role of Barnabas in helping such folk and need for us to support our suffering brothers and sisters. Share a cooked breakfast, coordinated by chef supremo Lindsay M. We'd love to see you there. Please consider inviting a friend.

Home Groups

Wednesday Night Home Group
Home Group at the home of Paul and Ruth Ungemuth every second and fourth Wednesday at 7:30pm. Contact the office for more information.

Wednesday Morning Home Group
Home Group at the home of Joy Galt on the third Wednesday of the month at 10am. Contact the office for more information.

Sunday Afternoon Home Group
Home Group run by David and Heather Reid every second Sunday after the service at the Reid's home. Contact the office for more information.

Young Adults Home Group
Every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm. Please email the church to be added to the Facebook page, and check Facebook for updates.

Don't forget to keep your diaries updated with what's going on in the church!