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Just Thinking…

Sheila Pritchard, a wonderful Kiwi Christian leader writes some profound words:

'Sometimes I wonder if we are in danger of domesticating God; taming God into a manageable loving companion who has already done everything for us in Jesus so we are free to sit back comfortably knowing that all will be well in the end. Of course there's wonderful truth in that picture of God. God's character is one of amazing, unconditional love. God does want to be our constant companion. In his life, death and resurrection Jesus has done for us what we could never do and he does want us to be secure and rest in that. So it's true, God is like this. But is it the whole truth? I don't think so. What about the wild, unpredictable, breathtaking God who thunders out of the darkness on quaking mountains? What about the God who tells people to walk into the middle of the sea or traipse round city walls with musical instruments instead of weapons? What about the Jesus who is ferociously angry at the misuse of a place of prayer? Or the Jesus who pulls no punches as he denounces the phony spirituality of the so-called religious leaders? What about the Spirit who descends like flames of fire on the heads of timid disciples and sends them out to reckless exploits in a hostile world? Have you been in touch with this God recently? I suspect we have hardly begun to touch the edges of this Mystery, this wonder-full, awe-full, majestic being we call God. I don't want a comfortable God who is little more than my security blanket. I want a God who sweeps me off my feet and has me alert with all my senses tingling with that strange mixture of awe and excitement which is the fear of God. If the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom I want to discover what that means.'

Great stuff!
In Him, 

The God and Healing Series

At Maclaurin Chapel. Click here for more information.

Kids Programs This Sunday

Spark is our program for preschool kids, led by Margaret Stewart.
Blaze is for kids in years 0-4, led by Kelly Jenkins.
Ignite is for young people in years 6-10, led by Olwyn Dickson.

Leisure For Pleasure

Leisure of Pleasure will be held next Tuesday at 1pm in the church lounge. All are welcome!

Soup & Toast

The next soup and toast lunch will be held on Sunday 5 August following the service. Please stay for a hot cup of soup and some fellowship together.

Ladies’ Lunch

The next Ladies' Lunch will be held on Saturday 19 August. Please click here to view the invitation.

mainly music for young children is every Tuesday morning from 10am in the church. Newcomers are welcome! Next Tuesday will be our animal themed day so don't forget to bring your favourite soft toy!

Men’s Breakfast

Saturday 4 August at 8am. Our speaker will be two men involved the Prison Fellowship Ministry. Share a cooked breakfast, coordinated by chef supremo Lindsay M. We'd love to see you there. Please consider inviting a friend.

Talent Quest!

Come along to join us for dinner before we witness the myriad of wild and wonderful talents RBC has! We’d love you to join in, so don’t be shy! Consider what talent you can bring to the table whether it is to sing, dance, play an instrument, read a poem, tell some jokes or even show us a cool party trick. Register your talents or interest with the church office and don’t forget to invite your friends and family to this fun event!

Home Groups

Wednesday Night Home Group
Home Group at the home of Paul and Ruth Ungemuth every second and fourth Wednesday at 7:30pm. Contact the office for more information.

Wednesday Morning Home Group
Home Group at the home of Joy Galt on the third Wednesday of the month at 10am. Contact the office for more information.

Sunday Afternoon Home Group
Home Group run by David and Heather Reid every second Sunday after the service at the Reid's home. Contact the office for more information.

Young Adults Home Group
Every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm. Please email the church to be added to the Facebook page, and check Facebook for updates.

Don't forget to keep your diaries updated with what's going on in the church!