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Just Thinking…

The Heart of the Matter
Do you have an alarm system at home? Mine was tested this week....inadvertently... and it works! Which is good as it protects all our stuff... but spooks the cats!

But does it guard what really matters? Proverb 4:23 says "Above all else, protect your heart". A devotional I read recently (John Elredge) looked at this and here's an extract...
We usually hear this (Proverb) with a sense of “keep an eye on that heart of yours,” in the way you’d warn a deputy watching over some dangerous outlaw, or a bad dog the neighbors let run. “Don’t let him out of your sight.” Having so long believed our hearts are evil, we assume the warning is to keep us out of trouble. So we lock up our hearts and throw away the key, and then try to get on with our living. But that isn’t the spirit of the command at all. It doesn’t say guard your heart because it’s criminal; it says guard your heart because it is the wellspring of your life, because it is a treasure, because everything else depends on it. How kind of God to give us this warning, like someone’s entrusting to a friend something precious to him, with the words: “Be careful with this — it means a lot to me.”

Easter is a chance to place our heart's firmly 'above all else' ...not just in our quite times, but as a true treasure day to day... a gift to Jesus ...a wellspring of life. As John Elredge concludes...
God intends that we treat our hearts as the treasures of the kingdom, ransomed at tremendous cost, as if they really do matter, and matter deeply.

Happy Easter everyone!
Mike Pummell

PS the cats...Mushy and Rosie.. are back!