Happenings 11 March 2018

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Just Thinking…

What a great time it was last weekend at GROW Camp! I have received so much positive comment about it, along with the question, ‘When can we do it again?’ My thanks to everyone who contributed their time, energy and money to make it a success. There will be the chance given this Sunday for any who want to share their experiences of camp. Also this Sunday, we begin a series looking at the most famous biography written about the life and ministry of Jesus – the Gospel according to Matthew. This was always the first gospel mentioned in every ancient list. It was quoted by early Christian writers more than any of the other gospels (33,000 times compared to the next closest, The Gospel of John, at 24,000 times), and is the only gospel to mention the word ‘church’. This gives us a hint that the author wanted the life and ministry of Jesus to have a formative effect in the young church he was writing to. But what in particular did Matthew want the young church to know about Jesus? And what does God being ‘with us’ mean for those who wish to follow him? Buckle up your seat-belts. It’s going to be a ride!

In Him,