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Just Thinking…

I have often thought that we often don’t realise the power of God and his gospel to change lives because we simply don’t see it enough. We become so sheltered in a Christian world and so disengaged from brokenness that we forget the amazing change that God can bring about in a person’s life that is surrendered to him. I recall sitting across from a new friend of mine a few years ago who was telling me his life story; drug and alcohol abuse, multiple relationships, dysfunction in his family, and run-ins with the police. And then he said the word, ‘but’ – ‘but then I met Jesus’. And the change in his life from that moment was profound. It wasn’t instant. It was at times a struggle. But the man I saw before me was a miracle compared to his life before. It was a reminder again to me to not underestimate the power of God to bring about real transformation. Do we see this enough? I was listening to a man speak recently who said this. ‘There is nothing in life I find quite so thrilling as being involved in Alpha, where we get to be a part of the excitement of watching someone journeying towards Jesus.’ (my paraphrase!). He knew the thrill of seeing God’s life changing power. I have not participated in any worship service at RBC where I have had more positive comments than the service last Sunday, and I suspect it had very little to do with me! It was a baptism service in which Jesus placed his benediction and blessing on us because of an act of obedience to his commands. May we hunger for more. May we have our appetites whetted to obey Jesus more closely, to speak about him to others more courageously, to pray more fervently … that we may witness more frequently his power at work in people’s lives.

In Him, Murray

On Tuesday 16 May we will meet at the Rialto Newmarket, at 5:40pm to buy tickets together for the 6.00pm screening of “Viceroy’s House”. Please see Margaret Gaiqui if you wish to attend.
Baptist Magazine Editor Wanted The Baptist Union are looking for a new Editor for the Baptist Magazine, (20 hours a week). The position requires working with the Production Team at the Baptist National Resource Centre in Penrose, Auckland. For a full job description or for more information contact Jill Hitchcock, jill.hitchcock@baptist.org.nz Applications close Friday 19th May 2017.
Leisure for Pleasure Next Tuesday at 1pm in the church lounge. All are welcome!
Waimarie Service Next Wednesday, 2:30pm at Waimarie Private Hospital. Please continue to pray for this ministry.
Prayer Service Every Wednesday morning at 7am. All are welcome to come and join in this special time of prayer.
mainly music for young children is on every Tuesday morning at 10am!
We have another baptism service coming up. If you would like to be baptised, please have a chat with Pastor Murray.
Kids Programs this Sunday This morning, kids who are years 0-8 will be together with Margaret in the downstairs Kowhai room.
Postcard for Ratna We have recently received a letter from our sponsored girl Ratna. It would be nice if everyone could write a message on a postcard of New Zealand and give it to Olwyn or Delsie who will then send them on to Ratna.

The start of the year is a great time to get plugged in to one of the home groups that are operating in the life of our church. There is a depth of connection that often doesn't happen outside of these groups, so we encourage you to call one of leaders below or contact the church office for more information.

Wednesday Night Home Group - Next Wednesday Home Group at the home of Paul and Ruth Ungemuth every second and fourth Wednesday at 7:30pm. Call 528 4401 for more information.

Wednesday Morning Home Group - Next Wednesday Home Group at the home of Joy Galt every third Wednesday at 10am. Call 948 8529 for more information.

Sunday Afternoon Home Group - This Sunday after the service Home Group run by David and Heather Reid every second Sunday after the service at the Reid's home. Call 528 4908 for more information.

Rightnow media is an online Christian ministry that provides access to thousands of video and study resources for Christians. It has been called the 'Netflix for Christians'! Our church has signed up for this service for three months, and you should have received an email giving you instructions on how to access these resources. Feel free to download or watch anything you like during this three month period - there are no limitations. Please contact the office if you have any queries.
Mei Ling's latest newsletter is available by clicking here . If you would like to contact her, her new email address is Mei.LingLee@gbaships.org

The BIG questions of life are important. What’s life really about anyway? Is God real? How do I live with purpose?

At 10am every Thursday next term (starting 18 May), Murray Jenkins, will be hosting a DVD-based discussion time called Alpha. Alpha offers some Christian perspectives on these questions, and covers topics like: Who is Jesus? Was there a purpose in his dying? What’s the Bible all about? What does this word ‘faith’ mean? How do I make the most of my life?

It will be held in the church lounge (child-care will also be provided in the same room).

No question or point of view is silly. Everyone is welcome. It’s going to be fun. For questions or to register, please contact Murray by emailing him at murray@remuerabaptistchurch.org.nz