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Just Thinking…

The wind howled past the tent ropes like a banshee, setting teeth on edge and tent flaps flapping. The wind had been constant for the last two days, and like a water tap left running, it began to wear away at one’s soul. There were 30 young people with me. We had trekked north for our annual youth camp under canvas, ended up at Uretiti beach near Waipu, and then negotiated the complex task of erecting 7 large tents on the sandy site, surprised at how so many trees had been cut down since last year’s camp. And then the wind came. With no trees to shield us, we were copping the full force of a belligerent Westerly which just wouldn’t stop. I walked outside the tent to look at the source of our troubles. Sure enough, the hills beyond the road formed a perfect wind-tunnel and it pointed right at us. So what to do? Hang tight? Do nothing? But then, nothing would change. Or commit to the time-consuming, disruptive, and tiring task of moving our camp-site to a more sheltered location? Was it worth the trouble?

Many churches face a similar decision. Things aren’t quite working, but the disruption and energy required to change is so big! Not to mention the frayed emotions and the uncertainty. After all, would the new location actually be any better? It seems to me that change is always a risk; but then, staying unmoving also has risks attached, made all the greater by being so subtle. We are in a season of seeking God’s vision for our church. To ask that question genuinely means being open to his changes. Do we pull up our tent-pegs? This Sunday, I will be feeding back the reflections from the leadership team on what we believe the Lord has been saying to us as a church. Please come prayerfully as we engage with this material. P.s., we DID move the youth camp. The wind stopped..

In Him, Murray

Breakfast for all! Saturday 8 April 8am church lounge: Cooked breakfast and special visiting speaker, Edgar Sathuluri, who has planted hundreds of churches in villages across India. Ladies and men are invited.
Autumn Cleaning Once a year we gather together to give our church a spruce up. This year Saturday 29th April is the day! Please keep this date free and plan to be part of the team. More details to come.
Home or Away? 11-13th July at Carey Baptist College. A conference on locating sport and leisure in Christian faith and practice.
Medcall is a recruitment company which finds staff to work in the retirement village/ aged care sector. They are looking for a driver to work part time at their rest home/hospital, taking elderly residents out for trips in their van.
Morning Prayer Meeting Every Wednesday morning at 7am. All are welcome to come and join in this special time of prayer.
Kindy Market Day! The Annual Kindergarten Market Day is this Saturday 1st April! The church will be running a white elephant stall so if you have any toys, games, knick-knacks, jewellery, scarves, tools, household items or footwear (no clothes please) please bring them into church tomorrow late afternoon to early evening when someone will be on site to receive them. Any unsold items will be given to a charity shop or you can request to have them returned to you. Thank you!
Leisure for Pleasure Next Tuesday at 1pm in the church lounge. All are welcome!
Waimarie Service Next Wednesday, 2:30pm at Waimarie Private Hospital. Please continue to pray for this ministry.
Prayer Service This Sundayn at 7pm in the church auditorium. All are welcome to come and pray for the needs of our church and community.
During the week leading up to Easter, St Chads in Meadowbank is again transforming its auditorium into a reflective space for anyone to come and explore and reflect on their relationship with the Lord.
Sunday School Teachers We are on the lookout for someone who is interested in occasional relief teaching for either the years 0-4 or years 5-8 kids, please let Margaret Stewart, Michael Pummell or the church office know.
Kids Programs This Sunday This Sunday, kids who are years 0-4 will be with Margaret Stewart in the downstairs Kowhai room. Years 5-8 will be meeting as a separate group, this week led by Mike Pummell.
mainly music for young children is on every Tuesday morning at 10am!

The start of the year is a great time to get plugged in to one of the home groups that are operating in the life of our church. There is a depth of connection that often doesn't happen outside of these groups, so we encourage you to call one of leaders below or contact the church office for more information.

Wednesday Night Home Group - Next Wednesday Home Group at the home of Paul and Ruth Ungemuth every second and fourth Wednesday at 7:30pm. Call 528 4401 for more information.

Wednesday Morning Home Group - Next Wednesday Home Group at the home of Joy Galt every third Wednesday at 10am. Call 948 8529 for more information.

Sunday Afternoon Home Group - This Sunday after the service Home Group run by David and Heather Reid every second Sunday after the service at the Reid's home. Call 528 4908 for more information.

Rightnow media is an online Christian ministry that provides access to thousands of video and study resources for Christians. It has been called the 'Netflix for Christians'! Our church has signed up for this service for three months, and you should have received an email giving you instructions on how to access these resources. Feel free to download or watch anything you like during this three month period - there are no limitations. Please contact the office if you have any queries.
Mei Ling's latest newsletter is available by clicking here . If you would like to contact her, her new email address is Mei.LingLee@gbaships.org

The Lord's Vision For RBC

After our recent Sharing Service where we sought God's vision for our church, the church leadership were tasked with discerning God's voice through the many contributions. This Sunday, Murray will be sharing the results of this process. Please come along to this significant service.