Happenings 11 November 2016

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Just Thinking …

Leadership - the TV and computer screens have displayed much on this topic over the last few weeks as the American elections have wrapped up. Who will be the best leader? What makes the best leader? Is it character or is it competence? Can we do without character if the competence is great enough? Do we choose our leaders as a reaction against certain things or as a decision for certain things? Even in Christian circles, the number of books that keep getting published on leadership each year would sink a ship, such is our fascination with this topic. God has a lot to say about leadership too; it comes through the pages of his written words to us – stories of leaders in all their humanness; portrayals of Christ as the perfect leader; instruction about Christian leadership – so many themes that go against the flow of societal thinking about what leadership is and looks like. This week, I want to lean in to one of these passages as a reminder to us on God’s view of leadership expressed through the lips of Paul. This is important as we journey towards our own church leadership elections, so I encourage you to read, digest, mull, pray and cogitate on Acts 20:13-38. In Him, Murray